Dapol reveals ‘O’ gauge 14ton slope-sided steel minerals

Dapol has revealed that it is developing a newly-tooled ‘O’ gauge 14ton slope sided steel mineral wagon.


Designed and patented by Charles Roberts in the mid 1930s, significant numbers of these distinctive all-steel wagons were built, with examples appearing in private owner schemes prior to the Second World War. Later designated Diagram 1/100 by British Railways and uprated to 16ton capacity, many survived into the 1960s – withdrawal coming in 1967.


Dapol’s all-new ‘O’ gauge ready-to-run example is at an advanced stage of development with a first Engineering Prototype (EP) sample currently with the project development team for evaluation.


Eight models are planned initially in 14ton and 16ton form, finished as MWT 7326 in plain bauxite (Cat No. 7F-041-001), 33457 in plain bauxite with Charles Roberts and Co. lettering (7F-041-002), MOT 23763 in plain bauxite (7F-041-003), B11532  in BR grey (7F-041-004),  9151 in Denaby black (7F-041-005), 550 in Tarmac black (7F-041-006), 100 Stewarts and Lloyds green (7F-041-007) and B197525 in BR grey (7F-041-008).


The specification includes a detailed die-cast metal chassis, highly detailed body, sprung metal buffers, etched metal footsteps, metal coupling hooks, three link couplings and brass bearing pockets.

Priced at £60 per wagon, delivery is anticipated during the final quarter of 2023.


Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.