Dapol shows air-smoothed 'WC/BB' CADs


Development of Dapol's first ‘next generation’ 'N' gauge locomotive - the Bulleid air-smoothed 'West Country’/’Battle of Britain’ class 4-6-2 - is underway.

Dapol's newly-tooled models will feature a redesigned die-cast chassis and electronics and will incorporate a new locomotive-mounted motor with all-wheel pick-up, Next18 DCC decoder socket and a partially compensated chassis. Other features include a highly detailed die-cast locomotive body, injection moulded tender body, stainless steel running gear, printed nameplates and extra detailed fittings. An accessory bag with etched nameplates and detailed buffer beam fittings is also supplied. 


Currently at the CAD drawing stage of development, six models are planned initially including three ‘Battle of Britain’ 4-6-2s as 21C164 Fighter Command in SR malachite green (Cat No. 2S-034-001), 34006 Spitfire in BR green with late crest (2S-034-002) and 34110 66 Squadron in BR green with early crest (2S-034-003), together with three ‘West Country’ 4-6-2s as 21C113 Okehampton in SR malachite green (2S-034-004), 34030 Watersmeet in BR green with late crest (2S-034-005) and 34001 Exeter in BR green with early crest (2S-034-006). Dapol is to produce the air-smoothed versions first, with the rebuilt examples expected to follow at a later date.


Priced at £206.95 DCC ready, £238 DCC fitted and £341.55 DCC sound-fitted, a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Visit Dapol for more information.