Dapol shows 'Turbot' production samples

Dapol shows 'Turbot'
production samples

Dapol Turbot

Above: 'O' gauge Dapol 'Turbot' production sample. 

Dapol's all-new 'O' gauge 'Turbot' wagons together with a new batch of its 'OO' gauge version are due to arrive with retailers this summer and new images have been released by the manufacturer.

The wagons are being released in BR 'Dutch' grey and yellow and EWS maroon and gold liveries for both scales with a choice of three running numbers on each colour scheme in each scale.


Above and below: EWS liveried 'Turbot' for 'O' gauge.



Above: Instanter coupling detail for the new 'O' gauge 'Turbot'.

The 'O' gauge 'Turbots' feature turned metal wheels, sprung buffers, working instanter couplings and posable drop doors plus factory fitted brake pipes and a full complement of underframe fittings. They feature a die-cast chassis and injection moulded plastic body. The price per wagon is set at £69.95. 

The 'OO' gauge 'Turbots' are the second batch to be released on Dapol's highly regard tooling. Features including NEM coupling pockets with small tension lock couplings, optional working instanter couplings, posable drop doors, turned metal wheels, optional bufferbeam pipework and a combination of plastic injection moulding for the body and die-cast metal for the chassis. The 'OO' wagons are priced at £26.50 per wagon. 

Turbot OO

Above and below: 'OO' gauge 'Turbot' production samples in 'Dutch' and EWS liveries.

Turbot OO

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