Dapol unveils 'O' gauge van trio


Dapol has revealed plans for three new additions to its rapidly expanding ‘O’ gauge wagon range with a GWR ‘Mogo’ van, SR 12ton vent van and GWR ‘Toad’ brake van.

Heading the announcements, Dapol is planning two examples of the newly-tooled ‘O’ gauge GWR 12ton ‘Mogo’ vans, finished as 126342 in GWR grey (7F-068-001) and 126336 in GWR grey (7F-068-001). These were built by the Great Western Railway (GWR) for carrying motor vehicles within goods train formations and featured end doors for loading.


Also planned are two all-new ‘O’ gauge Southern Railway (SR) 12ton ventilated vans finished as 48977 in SR grey (7F-069-001) and as BR ‘Parto’ 549091 (7F-069-002). Dapol is to produce the even-planked versions of these Southern Railway 10ft wheelbase vans, which featured a distinctive eliptical roof.


Thirdly, Dapol has also confirmed plans for an all-new ‘O’ gauge GWR ‘Toad’ brake van which will include examples of Diagram AA15, AA19, AA20 and AA21 vehicles. 


Ten models are planned initially including Dia. AA15 56683/68684/W17953 in grey (7F-300-001/7F-300-002/7F-300-003, plus the same version in unnumbered GWR form (7F-300-004). Also being modelled are Dia. AA19 114925 in grey (7F-300-005), Dia. AA20 W68673 (7F-300-006) and Dia. AA21 17410 (7F-300-007) (both grey), Dia. AA21 W17445 (7F-300-008), W17390 (7F-300-009) and unnumbered (7F-300-010) in bauxite.


Dapol's newly-tooled GWR 12ton ‘Mogo’ and SR 12ton vent vans are currently at the Engineering Prototype sample stage, while the GWR ‘Toad’ brake van is at the completed CAD drawing stage and awaiting tooling.

Prices are set at £51.40 for the box vans and £94 for the brake vans. The GWR and SR vans are scheduled for a second quarter release in 2023, while the GWR ‘Toad’ brake vans are expected during the fourth quarter of the year.

Visit Dapol for more information.