World’s smallest DCC decoder just got smaller

World’s smallest DCC decoder just got smaller...


DCC Concepts has updated its Zen Blue+ Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder range with what is believed to be the smallest DCC decoder – ever!

The manufacturer has redesigned its Zen Nano wired ZN8H decoder, making its already small footprint even smaller by shrinking its thickness by 50% – now measuring just 14mm x 7mm x 2.7mm (Cat No. DCD-ZN8H-nano). This latest addition to the Zen Blue+ range features two functions, 0.750mA continuous power/1.1amp peak power rating, 8-pin harness, brown-out protection and stay-alive connection.


In addition, DCC Concepts’ all-new Zen Nano 8-pin direct decoder (DCD-ZN8D-4) replaces the previous example and features four functions, 0.750mA continuous power/1.1Amp peak power rating, advanced brown-out protection, stay-alive connection and measures just 15mm x 7mm.


Priced at £25.95 and £26.95 respectively, they are available from DCC Concepts stockists now.

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