B-29 Superfortress

By: Kits-World

Item no: KW148142 Price: £16.75


Plenty of room will be needed for recipients of Kits-World’s 1/48 B-29 decal sheet, which depicts one airframe from the Korean War (both in overall natural metal and subsequently with partial black coverage of the lower fuselage, wings and the tail). The third scheme portrays a famous World War Two aircraft, which bore the name ‘Thumper’ and associated artwork. The colour quality and register are perfect, notably on the artwork, with vibrant red tones on lettering and kill markings. Modellers will need to use either the kit’s national insignia or aftermarket replacements — notably for the ‘stars and bars’ style items on the Korean War airframes; comprehensive stencilling via Kits-World is available separately as KW148093. Three markings choices are offered:

B-29A-50-BN, 44-61809 ‘Sic ‘Em!’, 343rd BS, 98th BG, Yokota, Japan, 1952

B-29, 42-24623 ‘Thumper’, 870th BS, 497th BG, Tinian, 1945



F-16 Lizard Camouflage No 1

By: Shelf Oddity

Item no: SO314426

Price: £6.10


Shelf Oddity’s sheet covers the short period in the F-16’s history where it was trialled as an A-10 replacement, with all airframes involved (single- and two-seat) painted in representative overall European No.1, or ‘Lizard’ camouflage. It supplies enough low-vis stencils for two models, and all decals are well-printed, with perfect register and gloss carrier film. Note, the F-16Cs wear WA (Nellis Air Force Base) tailcodes, although they were deployed to Hill AFB (HL codes) for the trials. The instruction manual/painting guide is separate, and can be downloaded from: The eight schemes are:

• F-16A, 78-0008, 34 TFS, Hill AFB, 1979

• F-16B, 78-0096, 34 TFS, Hill AFB, September 1979

• F-16B, 75-0752, Tyndall AFB, 1988

• F-16C, 83-1128, Hill AFB, 1988

• F-16C, 83-1129, Hill AFB, 1988

• F-16C, 83-1130, Hill AFB, 1988

• F-16C, 83-1131, Hill AFB, 1988



AMX-30B/B2 Brennus

By: Star Decals

Item no: 35-C1014

Price: £6.50


Modellers wanting alternative (or accurate) decals for their AMX- 30s need look no further, thanks to this excellent sheet from Star Decals. It covers the type from the early -B variant, through to the later B2 Brennus, with its distinctive reactive armour, and camouflage from standard NATO-three-tone to a rather spectacular overall blue French Police machine. The decals are well printed, with strong opacity and crisp colour demarcations, but the matt carrier film may cause silvering. The eight schemes are:

• AMX-30B2 Brennus, 2940123 ‘Lamowska’, 1er-2e Régiment de Chasseurs

• AMX-30B (Early), 6140107/112 ‘Dunes’, 2eme Régiment de Chasseurs

• AMX-30B (Early), 6340672/ 232 ‘Moskowa’, 2 eme Régiment de Chasseurs

• AMX-30B, ‘Smolensk’, 11e Régiment de Chasseurs, Berlin

• AMX-30B, 213 ‘Lasalle’, 11 eme Régiment de Chasseurs, Berlin

• AMX-30B, 2940152, 5eme Régiment de Chasseurs

• AMX-30B, 6340181 ‘Chemin des Dames/ Gendarmerie’, French Police Training Centre

• AMX-30B2 Brennus, 6640165 ‘Eckmuhl’, 1er- 2e Régiment de Chasseurs



Panavia Tornado F.3 Collection Part 1

By: Xtradecal

Item no: X48194 Price: £9.99


With a release coinciding with that of Revell’s newly tooled 1/48 Tornado F.3, Xtradecal’s first decal selection provides a mix of frontline, display and commemorative airframes, including that of the disbanding F.3 Operational Evaluation Unit (OEU), two Leuchars Fighter Wing (LFW) airframes deployed in support of Op Telic in Saudi Arabia during 2003, and a single Royal Saudi Air Force machine from the 1991 Gulf War/Desert Shield/Storm. The eight schemes are:

ZE734/JU, 111 Sqn, RAF Leuchars, March 2011

ZE785, F.3 OEU, RAF Waddington, May 2003

ZE763/DG, 11 Sqn, RAF Leuchars, March 2006

ZE962/XC ‘Dennis the Menace/Deere 27’, LFW, Prince Sultan AB, Saudi Arabia, 2003

ZE731/YP ‘Desperate Dan/Bishop 72’, LFW, Prince Sultan AB, Saudi Arabia, 2003

ZF757, 43 Sqn, RAF Leuchars, September 2006

ZG780, 25 Sqn, RAF Leeming, 2006

3457, 29 Sqn, RSAF, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1991



Mikoyan MiG-29SMT

By: Begemot Decals

Item no: 48-014 Price: £15.50


Begemot’s decal collections are masterpieces of research and superb value at the same time.

Its MiG-29SMT set contains three large sheets, plus a smaller item with specific serials for two Syria-deployed airframes. The 12 suggested schemes include several iterations of the same airframe at different times, but also supplies sufficient characters and serials to allow modellers to portray any Russian or Algerian MiG-29SMT:

Green 777, Dubai Airshow, November 2005

Black FC-14, 3rd Fighter Wing, Algerian AF, Buspher, 2007

RF-95811/Red 23, 929th Main Flight Research Center, Akhtubinsk, 2016

Red 22, 929th Main Flight Research Center, Akhtubinsk, 2009

Red 20, 968th Research Instructor Mixed Aviation Regt, Lipetsk, 2010

RF-92925/Red 05, 5th Group, 7000th Aviation Base, Kursk, 2013

RF-90645/Blue 21, 116th Center of Combat Employment, Privozhskij, Astrakhan, 2016

RF-90847/Blue 23, Aviation Group of the Russian VKS in Syria, Khmeimin, Syria, 2017



F-4 Phantom Data Stencils Navy and Marines

By: MILSPEC Decals

Item no: MILSPEC 72-002

Price: US$10


US Navy and US Marine Phantoms were covered liberally in data and warning stencils, but these aren’t always included in kits, so MILSPEC’s dedicated decal sheets are a handy addition for any F-4 build project. The main sheet covers air intake danger signs, and all airframe markings, including the ejection seat warning triangles, load data, lifting and oxygen/nitrogen symbols and the plethora of ‘no step’ lettering. A smaller sheet supplies enough hi-vis US national insignia (plus US Navy and Marines legends) for a single airframe. The reproduction is of the highest quality, and all but the smallest lettering is actually readable, with good colour opacity on the red, yellow and white areas. Smaller items do have comparatively large areas of carrier film, but these should make handling easier , while its gloss nature should prevent silvering. Fuselage and wing walkway markings are available separately as MILSPEC 72-005.



Battle for Berlin ‘45

By: Star Decals

Item no: 72-A1001 Price: £6.50


There’s a generous selection of ten markings options on the first of Star Decal’s 1/72 Battle for Berlin sets. All machines were noted as present or destroyed during March or April 1945 and were clad in several variations of late-war three-tone camouflage; at least one vehicle has ‘Ambush’ scheme counter-shade dots.

Notes are provided on each vehicle and whether information on one or more aspects is unknown. All decals are printed on matt carrier film, so a gloss surface will be required to prevent silvering. The options are:

• Sd.Kfz.251/22 Ausf.D, 1306, Infanterie Div Scharnhorst, April

• Sd.Kfz.251/21 Ausf.D Drilling, 343, March/April

• Tiger I, Kampf-Grupper Kaether or Pz.Div. Münchberg, Lessingerstrasse-Tiergarten

• StuG.III Ausf.F, A15, Neue Reichkanzlei

• StuG.III Ausf.C/D, 110, Infanterie Div Schill, Halbe Forest, April

• Tiger I, 323, Pz.Div. Münchberg, central Berlin

• Tiger 2, 101, s.SS-Pz.Abt.503, Potsdammer Bahnhoff

• Sd.Kfz.251/9 Ausf.D Stummel, Pz.Gren.Div. Brandenberg, March/April

• StuG.III Ausf.G, 122/123, Heeres- Sturmartillerie- Bde.243, April



Panavia Tornado GR.4/4A Pt 2

By: Euro Decals

Item no: ED-32120 Price: £28.95


Euro Decals has been quick with a second instalment of large-scale Tornado GR.4/4As (see Decals, p.92, Dec 2018 for Pt 1), and these are arguably among the most colourful schemes to adorn the jet, with 90th Anniversary markings for 12, 13 and 14 Squadron airframes. All three options depict GR.4s (as they retain a single 27mm Mauser cannon – this weapon isn’t fitted in a GR.4A) in the then standard Camouflage Grey/Dark Sea Grey scheme. Colour density is excellent, with crisp demarcations and perfect register.

No stencils are supplied with this set, but these are available separately as ED-32118 (see Decals p.104, Mar 2019). Note, one livery is identified incorrectly as a 15 Squadron machine; in fact, the fox-head insignia represents a 12 Squadron GR.4. The choices are:

ZA401, 13 Sqn, RAF Marham, 2005

ZA543/FF, 12 Sqn, RAF Lossiemouth, 2005

ZG756/BX, 14 Sqn, RAF Lossiemouth, 2005



North American Bubbletop P-51 Mustang Collection

By: Xtradecal

Item no: X72270 Price: £7.99


Xtradecal has released a bumper batch of P-51/Ks and their Commonwealth equivalents, covering the type’s service from 1944 to 1963. There may be one or two US Army Air Force or RAF machines, but these are joined by examples from New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Republic of Haiti, Sweden and Somalia.

The 11 options are:

Mustang Mk.IV, KH727/ DV-J, 93 Sqn, Italy, 1946

P-51D, 44-13431/QP ‘Little Eva’, 2nd FS, USAAF, Italy, August 1944

Mustang Mk.IV, NZ2419/19, 2 (Wellington) Sqn RNZAF, Wellington, late 1940s

Mustang Mk.IV, 9566/ VC-FB-N, Experimental and Proving Establishment, Canada, 1950s

CA-18 Mustang, A69-71/ HU-A, 78 Sqn RAAF, Australia, 1946

F-51D, MM4236/4-28, 10° Gruppo/4° Stormo, Italy, 1952

P-51D, J-2113, Fliegerstaffel 21, Switzerland, 1952

F-51D, 335, 2 (Flying Cheetah) Sqn, SAAF, Korea, 1952

F-51D, 916, Corps d’Aviation d’Haiti, 1963

J 26 Mustang, 26031/N/16, F16 Uppsala, 1945-46

P-51D, 2, Somalia, 1955-60



Yamaha YZR500 Iberna #15 ‘88 WGP

By: Decalpool Item no: DP168

Price: US$16 Web:

Decalpool’s latest YZR500 markings are designed to fit Hasegawa’s 1/12 kit, and although a specific boxing is mentioned (21710 ‘Team Lucky Strike Roberts 1989’), this release has identical parts to the four previous iterations, so they should be equally applicable. The subject of this set is Alessandro Valesi’s #15 Team Iberia machine, with full race livery and sponsorship logos, as seen during the 1989 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season (although the sheet title mentions ‘88). None of the solid blue coloured areas are supplied, so these must be masked and painted, but the bike’s red/white/green trim (reflecting the rider’s Italian nationality) is included. While opacity and register appear spot on, the decals do appear rather thick, so there may be issues with them conforming to the front and rear fairings’ compound curves, but this will make a colourful change to the kit options.



Libyan Arab Airlines Ilyushin Il-76T/TD

By: 26Decals

Item no: STS44298 Price: £9


Zvezda’s Il-76 kits are still fairly recent, so it’s great to see companies such as 26decals providing a variety of different colour schemes. This set supplies a choice of two airframes flown by Libyan Arab Airlines, and provides all of this carrier’s distinctive gold-tinted trim in decal form, along with the conspicuous black areas on the engine pylons and anti-glare panel. Solid windows are the order of the day, and items are supplied for the windscreen, nose glazing and handful of small circular viewports on the entrance hatch and airframe. Note, the two airframes are actually different variants, with 5A-DNB and 5A-DNE being an Il-76TD and Il-76T respectively, but both can be portrayed with the Zvezda kit. The printing is first-class, with sharp colour boundaries and strong density; modellers may wish to copy the fuselage cheatlines to aid with masking the lower airframe.



J 32B/E Lansen Interceptor & ECM

By: Moose Republic Decals

Item no: 48016 Price: £13.80


Moose Republic’s Lansen decals are designed to fit either the Hobby Boss or Tarangus offerings and offers an impressive selection of airframes in standard Swedish Olive Green or Olive Green/Dark Blue camouflage.

There are sufficient national insignia and Day-Glo Orange markings for several models, and a single set of airframe stencils. The 12 choices are:

J 32B, 32620, Yellow 20/FC, Försökscentralen

J 32B, 32603, Yellow 03/4, F4 Frösön/Östersund, 1969

J 32E, 32512, Yellow 03/16, F16 Uppsala, 1994

J 32B, 32540, Yellow 40/1, F1 Hässlö/Västerås

J 32B, 32511, Red F/12, F12 Kalmar, 1959

J 32B, 32570, Yellow 30/4, Försökscentralen

J 32B, 32543, Yellow 43/4, F4 Frösön/Östersund, April 16, 1970

J 32B, 32536, Yellow 36/1, F1 Hässlö/Västerås

J 32B, 32569, Yellow 56/21, F21 Kallax/Luleå

J 32B, 32532, Yellow 32/12, F12 Kalmar, late 1968

J 32E, 32607, Yellow 11/13, F13 Bråvalla/Norrköping

J 32B, 32606, Yellow 06/4, F4 Frösön/Östersund