Royal Air Force McDonnell Douglas FG.1 & FGR.2 Phantom Pt 5

By: Xtradecal

Item no: X72294 Price: £7.99


A mix of tactical camouflage and air-defence grey schemes is supplied on this sheet, with just one groundattack Phantom accompanying the remaining interceptor/ conversion unit options, as well as a paint trial aircraft. Both standard- and radar warning receiver-topped vertical tails are represented too. The choices are:

• FGR.2, XV418/S, 92 Sqn, Wildenrath, Germany, 1979

• FG.1, XV579/R, 43 Sqn, Coningsby, 1979

• FGR.2, XV406/ CK, 228 OCU, Wattisham, August 1987

• FGR.2, XV485/P, 23 Sqn, Wattisham, May 1981

• FGR.2, XV401/B, 228 OCU/64 Sqn, Wattisham, August 1987

• FGR.2, XV399/P, 29 Sqn, Coningsby, April 9, 1980

• FGR.2, XV491/491, 31 Sqn, Laarbruch, Germany, 1971

• FGR.2, XT903/X, 56 Sqn, Wattisham, 1988


M4A3E8 Sherman II

By: Star Decals

Item no: 35-C 1137 Price: US $8


Perfect for Tamiya’s recently released ‘Easy Eight’ Sherman (but suitable for any M4A3E8 kit), this new sheet offers interesting options for US Army tanks in the Korean War. All vehicles wear standard Olive Drab, but one has been converted to the barbed wire-laying role, so research and scratchbuilding would be necessary for that machine. The most attractive Sherman sports a large blue and white-striped panel on its glacis, which also carries a large Tiger head (a template is given with which to render the blue/white stripes). Options include:

• White 4 ‘Skeeterhawk’, 64th Tank Battalion, 3rd Inf Div, 1951

• White 22 ‘Asyndeton’

• 30101236 ‘Assault PLT’

• 3-15-1 ‘Can Do’, 15th Inf Regt, 3rd Inf Div

• 30105884S ‘Skeeterhawk


Pacific Western Airlines Boeing 737-200

By: Thunderbird Models

Item no: 144-005

Price: £6.95


Thunderbird continues to specialise in non-mainstream airline markings and this release echoes the fact. Here, one receives sharply printed decals for a 737-200 (designed to fit the Airfix kit) of Pacific Western, the proprietor of which, Russ Baker, seemingly flouted almost every law of air transport…but also absorbed many competitors. This sheet offers the blue fuselage trim with windows/ doors combined, walkways, clear and darkened windscreens and the PWA forward fuselage/ tail motif. Three airframes are represented, these being CF-PWB, which was acquired in 1973 but sold to PanAm in 1983, CF-PWC (bought in 1970 then written off in a crash in 1978), and CF-PWD…the first PWA 737 bought in 1968, but which became EI-BJE in 1980.


Royal Air Force McDonnell Douglas FGR.2 Phantom Pt 6

By: Xtradecal

Item no: X72295 Price: £7.99


Here, Xtradecal yet again offers a pleasing blend of nine air defence and tactical camouflage schemes; printed with Airfix’s new kit in mind, but they could as easily be employed on Fujimi’s British F-4s. The firm caters for another low-vis paint trial airframe (although the colour profile and paint shades appear to be in error), there’s a very early 6 Squadron jet, and the 19 Squadron FGR.2 that accidentally shot down a Jaguar. One scheme, though, has ‘U’ on the nosewheel door, but ‘B’ on the tail, and the ‘U’ may have been repeated erroneously from another aircraft on the same sheet (no ‘U’ provided in that scheme block):

• XV403/403, 6 Sqn, deployed to Luqa, Malta, 1969

• XV422/J ‘Jaguar Killer’, 19 Sqn, detached to Sardinia, 1989

• XV464/464, 14 Sqn, Coningsby, 1974

• XV401/B, 228 OCU/64 Sqn, 1988

• XV474/F, Aldergrove (paint trial), 1978

• XV498/U/4000, 92 Sqn, detached to Akrotiri, 1989

• XT891/Z, 56 Sqn, Wattisham, 1978

• XT865/U, 111 Sqn, Leuchars, 1980

• XV423/R, 6 Sqn, Coningsby, 1974


Blenheim Mk.IV in Finnish Service By: SBS Model Item no: D72019 Price: €8 Web: Whether one has old- or newtool Blenheim IVs from Airfix, or MPM’s limited-run kit, these cool markings from SBS Model are a refreshing change to RAF schemes. All four aircraft represented are from the Finnish Air Force, and there’s real variation in the camouflage…overall green uppers, green/black over RLM 65 and overall doped aluminium. SBS offers unit/pilot information where possible on the full-colour instructions, and quotes RLM and Federal Standard references. The options are:

• BL-129, 1Lt Olavi Siirilä, 1/LLv 46, Luonetjärvi, June 1941

• BL-129, Capt Aaro Melasniemi, LeLv 48, Luonetjärvi, June 1943

• BL-201, CO Maj Esko Ahtiainen, E/ PLeLv 48, Onttola, August 1944

• BL-199, 1.Lsto, Luonetjärvi, summer 1956


Ford Escort RS, Swedish Rally

By: DMC Decals

Item no: 24-328

Price: €9


Italeri’s recent 1/24 Escort Mk.II would be the ideal recipient of these markings from DMC, which represent the Marlboro-sponsored #8 car driven by Ari Vatanen and Atso Aho, in the 1978 Swedish Rally. All sponsor motifs are present (Castrol, Cibie, Dunlop et al), including Marlboro’s, and the printing is superb. No placement guide is provided, and while DMC offers two photographs of the vehicle in action, modellers must carry out their own research for accuracy


AJS 37027 Viggen - The Show Must Go On

By: Moose Republic

Item no: 48013 Price: £12.20


In early 2000, the first squadron at the Swedish Air Force’s F10 Wing painted a Viggen overall red with white ghost motifs, to mark the unit’s conversion to the Saab Gripen. Moose Republic offers all necessary markings with which to portray said aircraft in all its eye-popping glory, including ‘The Show Must Go On’ legends, ‘slime’ light strips and squadron badges. Ideal for the Tarangus/Special Hobby 1/48 Viggen kit!


Sukhoi Su-24MR 100 Years of Russian Air Force

By: Modelmaker Decals

Item no: D72101

Price: £11.70


Fans of Soviet/Russian aircraft types should revel in Modelmaker’s new release, which depicts the Su-24MR Fencer painted to mark the centenary of the Russian Air Force, in 2012. It’s a highly colourful option for anyone with Dragon/Italeri/Trumpeter/Zvezda kits, and involves different artwork being applied to each side of the airframe, over the standard grey paint. To starboard, there are black and orange stripes, a painting of a Soviet pilot on the vertical tail and badges (Guards, Order of Suvorov etc) on the nose; ‘100 Years of the Russian Air Force’ (in Cyrillic), blue, black and white stripes, a Russian Aerospace Forces motif and paintings of Russian aircraft on the vertical tail decorate the port side. The aircraft in question is ‘White 35’, and this scheme is also available in 1/48 scale, via sheet D48101.


Bristol F.2B Aces of WWI By: Print Scale Item no: 72-234 Price: £9.80 Web: If one has Airfix, Roden, Pegasus or other ‘Brisfits’ in the stash, Print Scale’s aftermarket decals are worth considering. Ten schemes are represented, and the decals are well printed, although it’s hard to know if the many white markings will maintain their opacity when placed over the dark green of the airframe. Of the total number, some of the examples include:

• B1229, R Smith/E Mustard, 1 Sqn Australian Flying Corps, Palestine, 1918

• B.1138, HE Luchford/VRS White, 20 Sqn, France, 1917

• B 1164/A, AC Atkey/CG Gass, 22 Sqn, France, 1918

• E-2466/I, WFJ Harvey/DE Waight, 22 Sqn, France, 1918

• B1162/F, EJ Elton/R Critchley, 22 Sqn, France, 1918

• A-7182, KR Park/H Lindfield, 48 Sqn, France, 1917

• D-8084/S, S Dalrymple/G Beagle, 139 Sqn, Italy, 1918


C-130Q Coulson Aviation

By: V1 Decals

Item no: V1D0062-72

Price: Can $23


Canada’s V1 Decals has released a splendid and refreshing option for Hercules fans; ideal if one is tired of military ‘uniforms’ for a build. These markings depict Oregon-based Coulson Aviation’s C-130Q ‘Next Gen Air Tanker’ N130FF/131/390…a major airborne fire-fighting asset available for lease. While the airframe is mostly white, it’s accentuated with a graduated tint (pink to black, with red and grey trim). V1 does a decent job of replicating the colours, and the shadowed tail numbers and ‘Coulson’ lettering, and provides stencils, Emergency Management Victoria and Lockheed Martin logos. Propeller tip decals are offered, too, although anyone building this aircraft will need to do their research for equipment/ conversion accuracy.


Douglas A-20 Havoc By: Kits World Item no: 172145 Price: £10.20 Web: Kits World continues its ongoing series for the Havoc with this dual offering for the A-20G. Both aircraft are in Olive Drab over Neutral Gray, and carry nose art, but one of the aircraft has alternative decor as its original illustration was replaced on the Liberation of France. National insignia, mission tallies, walk-way lines and propeller blade badges make this a comprehensive set. The options are:

• 43-9224/5H-E ‘Miss Laid’ / ‘La France Libre’, 410th BG, France, July 1944

• 43-22166 ‘Ridin’ High’, 388th BS


The Mirage IV wore several stunning special schemes late in its career, and thankfully, French firm Syhart has recognised the fact and produced various liveries in decal form. This example is a belter, as it carries large EB 2/91 ‘Bretagne’ heraldic artwork over a red field on its underside, flanked by blue and white trim and ‘1942-1992’ to denote the unit’s 50th anniversary. These years also appear over red paint on the aircraft’s vertical tail (port), while the starboard side has a special badge. Also supplied are self-adhesive masks, with which to render the white portions if paint is preferred over decals. A wonderful option for French Air Force fans.