Decorated O-16.5 L&B carriages


Lionheart Trains' all-new O-16.5mm Lynton and Barnstaple Railway (L&B) carriages are progressing well, having now reached the decorated sample stage.

The L&B carriages were unique to the narrow gauge railway. They were designed to offer passengers the very best views of the North Devon countryside while on their journey. A total of 17 were built, but only two survive in preservation.

The new models will be available in both L&B and Southern Railway liveries and will include Open Third, All Third, Brake Third and Brake Composite vehicles.

Each of the L&B bogies coaches will feature pe-installed lighting with the option for DCC control.

Prices are set at £110.00 Digital Command Control (DCC) ready and £140.00 DCC fitted.

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