Departmental exclusive for Accurascale

Accurascale has added a new departmental version of its popular ‘OO’ gauge 21ton MDO/MDV mineral wagon to its expanding collection of Accurascale Exclusives.


Finished as Electrification Engineers’ ZDV LDB311717, the prototype was used for collecting scrap during the latter stages of the Birmingham Cross-City line electrification scheme in the early 1990s. The wagon appears to have survived into privatisation during the late 1990s and early 2000s, allocated to Fastline at Doncaster. It was removed from TOPS in 2005.

Accurascale’s newly-announced model will reflect this long-lived vehicle’s appearance in BR departmental traffic with touched-up paintwork, ZDV classification and prototypical markings.


Priced at £24.95 each, the models will only be available direct from Accurascale.

Currently in production, 500 wagons will be available, with release expected during the second quarter of 2023.

Visit for more information.