Patrol Torpedo Boat PT -579/ PT -588

By: Revell Item no: 05165

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Revell’s lovely PT-boat makes a return in late-war guise, offering two vessels – PT-579 and PT-588. Although these are from the same class as the initial release, PT-109 (see Reviews, July 2018), just three styrene runners and the hull are common; these are joined by nine new frames to reflect changes in gun and torpedo armament configuration, superstructure, single-piece main deck and fittings. All parts are moulded crisply, and there’s a wealth of detail to savour, from the twin .50 cal gun tubs to the wheelhouse interior, while the gun complement is accurate for both subjects, with bow-mounted 37mm and 20mm cannon and aft-fitted 40mm Bofors. Both schemes wear Measure 31/20L camouflage, which was a mix of two green shades and black, on the sides, and overall Deck Green horizontal surfaces, although Revell has continued the latter tone onto the superstructure – modellers will need to check references.