Devonmoor OO9 modular layout

Gauge: 'OO9' | Period: 1950s | Region: Anything goes | Operating team: Dartmoor OO9 Group

Dartmoor OO9 Group modular layout

The Dartmoor OO9 Group was formed by a small group of friends who thought it would be fun to have a go at 'OO9' narrow gauge modelling. Our display features a selection of members’ modules and linking boards.

We were all a bit short of space but fancied having a large 'OO9' layout to run our trains over, we came up with the idea of meeting up, in a local village hall, and linking our own small layouts (modules) together to make a much bigger layout with different environments including stations and yards to run trains between.

We decided to use modular baseboards, all with the same height legs, electrically linked by the same connectors and controlled using Digital Command Control (DCC).

The main modules have their own legs and are connected together using linking boards that span the gap between, fitted with the same common electrical connectors.

Members are free to model whatever they like, there are no restrictions placed on what each person chooses to build on their individual boards – just that they should be able to connect them to the network. Most importantly, however, each member’s layout is usually able to operate as a small self-contained layout at home, should they so wish, so unlike a normal exhibition layout, you will not see continuity in the scenery, more of an idea of what can be achieved.

See the Dartmoor OO9 Groups modular layout at the 2024 Great Electric Train Show covering 33ft x 12ft.

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