WELL KNOWN for its weathering mediums, AK Interactive has now launched a range aimed at aiding diorama builders.

Two types of product are available, terrains and effects; the former caters for differing surface types and textures (including water), while the latter provides a mixture of weathering solutions. Samples received by AMW include 250ml bottles of Concrete (AK8014), Light Earth (AK8021) and Transparent Water (AK8002), and will enable the respective surface types to be created with ease. The latter can be applied in multiple thin coats to create varying depths as necessary… allowing suitable times between each application for the gel-like coatings to dry.

Similarly, the effects products (available in 100ml containers) are intended for quick and easy application, with Accumulated Dust Spatter (AK8031), Corrosion (AK8040) and Wet Crack Effects (AK8034) all currently available. AK has also released its own finegrade polyurethane water-based filler (AK014), which is applicable to any build project. It comes in a 20ml tube, is odour-free, and akin to oil paint in texture, but dries quickly and any excess (when wet) can be wiped away with a moist cotton bud. Finally, AK’s Washable Agent (AK236) is designed to be added to the firm’s various acrylic paints to create washes. www.ak-interactive.com