464 pages

Camouflage en Kenmerken: Ops Vliegtuigen van de Militaire Luchtvaart can het Koninklijk

Nederlands-Indisch Leder

By: Max TA Schep

ISBN: 978-90-828581-2-9

Price: €77.95 Format: 305 x 217mm

Web: www.geromybv.nl

Anyone requiring a reference for the camouflage and markings/artwork worn by the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force (RNIEAAF) should seriously consider this comprehensively researched magnum opus. The author’s meticulous approach has resulted in a beautifully illustrated and well-written history of this organization from 1915 to 1950, backed by more than 500 period photos, many of which have never been published previously. The text is predominantly in Dutch, but informative photo captions also include an English translation and while there is no dedicated ‘closeup’ section, there is arguably more than enough material to satisfy most modellers. Every aircraft type operated by the RNIEAAF is included, from early biplanes, such as the Avro 504 and Fokker C.Ve, through to post-war B-25 Mitchells and Spitfires, with sections devoted to each variation of camouflage. Numerous colour profiles serve to highlight the changes throughout the air arm’s 35-year existence, charting the progression from doped linen, though single- and multi-tone camouflage and culminating in natural-metal finished machines in the late 1940s. This is a true treasure trove of information, and one sure to appeal to aviation and modelling enthusiasts equally.