Easy airbrushing


IWATA’S SUPERB HP-CH airbrush has been re-packaged as a ‘Total Control’ product, in keeping with the firm’s recently introduced five-category purchasing guide. This double-action, gravity-fed airbrush is fitted with a 0.3mm needle and comes with a ¼oz (7ml) paint cup. It also features a preset handle (to limit how far the trigger can be pulled back) and micro-air control valve (for fine-tuning the pressure settings), which allows for much greater control when spraying. As part of the Hi-Line series, it’s firmly in the mid-price range at £264, and can produce pencil-thin paint lines if desired, making this great for fine detail and area coverage. The balance is excellent, while the large aperture at the base of the paint cup should aid cleaning considerably. Iwata’s airbrush guide comprises the following categories (progressing from area to fine detail) with specific brand names included for each: Full Finish (spray guns), Effortless Coverage (NEO and Revolution), All-Star Versatility (Eclipse), Total Control (High Performance Plus and Hi-Line) and Absolute Precision (Custom Micron). Beginners and those on a budget will find the Effortless Coverage airbrushes ideal, while more experienced modellers can choose from the Total Control and Absolute Precision lines. There is more on this and other Iwata products at: www.airbrushes.com