Ebsworth Street - a modern terminus in 'OO'

Gauge: 'OO' | Period: 2000s | Region: Midlands | Operating team: Greg Marshall and friends

Ebsworth Street in OO gauge.

Ebsworth Street is an ambitious modern image 'OO' gauge layout for the exhibition circuit featuring a range of railway operations across a 33ft long scene.

The track layout is designed for the signalling and operation side. Ebsworth Street recreates a small main line terminus station with three platforms running from London via the main line. It’s a busy station with a main road leading to town center.

In addition there is a train care depot with locomotive sidings and re-fueling point/stabling point with working yards lights, working colour light signals and ground shunts. Plus interesting scene features.

The layout is DCC operated by Lenz 100 system with a wide selection of DCC sound fitted locomotives and multiple units operating.

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