ECC livery for Accurascale CDAS

Accurascale has revealed details of its next batch of ‘OO’ gauge CDA china clay hoppers which are set to appear in English China Clay (ECC) livery for the first time.


Introduced to service by British Rail in early 1988, the CDA hopper wagons replaced veteran ‘clay hood’ wooden-bodied vehicles which had been in use on West Country china clay traffic since the 1950s. Earlier this summer, the remaining fleet of CDA wagons was withdrawn en masse and replaced by JIA bogie hoppers, supplemented by a handful of former Tarmac JGA hoppers.


Having previously been available in EWS and DB Cargo colour schemes, Accurascale’s CDA hoppers are set to appear in their initial ECC colour scheme which they carried until the privatisation era.

As with previous releases, Accurascale’s 'OO' gauge CDA hopper wagons feature a diecast chassis, detailed interior with rivets, framing and strapping, separately fitted lamp irons, saftey catches, disc brakes, hopper door operating equipment, air pipes, sprung heavy duty metal buffers, highly detailed roof with textured canvas cover, etched metal brake levers, chassis plates and more.


The extensive tooling suite will cater for detail differences between vehicles, including the hopper door variations between original CDAs and former HAA conversions. Small tension lock couplings in kinematic NEM pockets are also included, together with scale Instanter couplings too.


Eight triple wagon packs are planned, finished in ECC livery with blue framing and covers and ‘galvanised metal’ hoppers. Five packs (A-E) will appear in fully branded ECC livery, while three packs (F-H) will appear in debranded form.

Priced at £79.95 per triple wagon pack, release is expected during the third quarter of 2024.

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