Ellis Clark K-Type Pullman Car EP breaks cover

Ellis Clark Trains (ECT) has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its forthcoming ‘O’ gauge all-steel K-Type Pullman cars. Photography by Jonathan Newton


These all-new Pullman cars have been fully designed by Ellis Clark Trains and are being produced by Darstaed, with all research and CAD work carried out in-house in the UK.


ECT’s all-new ‘O’ gauge Pullman cars will feature roller ball bearings as standard, working drop-head couplers and ambient lighting to reflect the prototypes. Each coach is set to feature a hand-painted finish, fully decorated interior wall sections, detailed interiors, working table and ceiling lighting, sprung metal bogies, super-detailed chassis and underframe, sprung buffers, coach destination boards and Ellis Clark working drop-head buckeye couplings.


The first EP to arrive for evaluation is an unrefurbished Brake Third. Five vehicles are in development which will also include a Parlour Third, Kitchen Third, Parlour First and Kitchen First.


The release schedule includes 33 individual Pullman cars, each with different numbers/names, as well as a series of themed carriage packs including 'Bournemouth Belle' (1966) packs, 'Ocean Liner' sets, two different 'Queen of Scots' packs, a 'Yorkshire Pullman' pack and a Keighley and Worth Valley presentation pack.


Prices are set at £399 per coach, reducing to £375 when purchasing three or more vehicles. Multi-coach packs range from £795 for a two-car 'Ocean Liner' pack to £3750 for the ten-car 'Queen of Scots' set.

Visit Ellis Clark Trains for more information.