Ellis Clark Trains shows running 'Black Five' sample

Ellis Clark Trains has received new decorated and running samples of its LMS 'Black Five' 4-6-0 for 'O' gauge. Jonathan Newton joined Ellis Clark to find out more and capture the sample in action.

Ellis Clark Trains LMS Black Five 4-6-0

A second decorated sample of the LMS Stanier 'Black Five' for 'O' gauge has been received by Ellis Clark Trains for evaluation. The all-new ready-to-run model is being developed exclusively by Ellis Clark Trains with release anticipated in autumn 2023.

The latest sample of the 'O' gauge product to be received model 5428 Eric Treacy in preservation era LMS lined black with copper pipework. In addition an unpainted running sample has also been received to test the performance of the mechanism.

In total 18 different versions of the 'Black Five' are planned for release covering LMS and BR era locomotives as well as unnumbered versions. The tooling suite caters for riveted and welded tender designs while construction uses a combination of die-cast metal, injection moulded plastic and etched brass components.

Features of the models include an ABC Helical gearbox, Maxon motor, detailed cab interior, sprung buffers and couplings, removable working lamps, firebox glow, a detail pack including a miniature snowplough and the capability to run on second radius curves. DCC ready and DCC sound fitted versions are being offered on each identity with the sound equipped models having a ZIMO chip installed with an exclusive sound project for Ellis Clark Trains. 

Prices start at £949 DCC ready and rise to £1,175 DCC sound fitted.

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