Exclusive MRC Conflat

The Model Railway Club (MRC) has commissioned an exclusive ‘OO' gauge Conflat wagon and container from Dapol, featuring the club’s instantly recognised ‘Percy’ logo.


Conflat wagons and containers were used to transport furniture and goods without having to reload them in and out of a van wagon, and were once a common sight across the railway network.

The MRC’s exclusive limited edition model features a BR bauxite liveried Conflat wagon finished as N141518 with ‘Return to KX’ branding together with a red container carrying British Railways and MRC lettering, the club’s address and the year the club was formed. 

Priced at £25 each, these new limited edition models are available now from the MRC’s online shop and club stand at exhibitions.

Visit www.themodelrailwayclub.org for more information.