Modellers of large-scale jets can get great results when completing their build’s armament, with the decal firm’s new 1/32 Rocket and Missile Bands.


If you’ve studied post-war jet fighters and fighter-bombers for long enough, you’ll have noticed various colour bands decorating some of the weapons they carry. If you’ve done further research, it will be common knowledge that these different shades denote the nature of the store and what’s inside it. For example, a yellow band represents a high-explosive warhead.

A neat finish

Replicating these bands on scale weapons can be done with masking and paint, but a neater and quicker route lies in coloured decal stripes. The fact is not lost on UK decal producer Fantasy Printshop, which has just released a handy waterslide sheet for modellers who favour 1/32 scale. Item FP652, Rocket and Missile Bands, is a single sheet carrying colour bands of different widths in black, green, silver, brown, blue and yellow. The widths run from .7mm to 4mm depending on the colour, and the stripes are thin, rich in hue and printed on gloss carrier film.

These stripes can be employed on weapons carried by all NATO aircraft, from the 1970s onwards. However, it’s worth doing your research to pinpoint the correct width and colour required for each launchable store on your chosen aircraft model. The sheet costs £11.95 and can be purchased direct from Fantasy Printshop.

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