Do-27 Civilian Crew

By: CMK Item no: F72348

Price: €10.30 Web:

CMK’s excellent three-figure package is designed to complement Special Hobby’s ‘Civilian Service’ Do 27 (SH72349) as it provides a crew for the striking Zebra-striped option. These comprise a pilot, photographer (with two cameras) and female zoologist and are provided as crisply cast resin items. Just the photographer comes in more than a single piece, with a separate camera-holding right arm, while the pilot is posed seated (with one leg dangling out of the cockpit door) and the scientist is standing, carrying a knapsack. This is a great set, and one that offers a quick and simple option for a safari vignette.



Russian Contemporary Tank Crew

By: Zvezda

Item no: 3685 Price: £7.50


Armoured vehicles are a centrepiece at any of Russia’s national parades, along with an honour guard to line the streets, so Zvezda’s three-figure set is a boon for armour modellers, as it enables a scene to be recreated with ease. There are two crew (commander and driver), intended for its T-14 Armata, although as the same uniform is now used in other tanks, it could also be used with parading T-80s or T-72s. One id posed sitting with hands reaching to the vehicle controls, while the other is standing and saluting. The final figure represents a soldier from the 154th Preobrazhensky Independent Commandant’s Regiment, which is the official honour guard unit of the Russian Armed Forces. It is depicted in the ‘present arms’ pose, as if taking a salute, and as with the tank crew, includes well defined features on the uniform and face.



French Republican Guard

Cavalry Regiment Corporal

By: ICM Item no: 16007

Price: £11.20


The seventh in ICM’s ‘World’s Guards’ series is the second French subject, and depicts a Republican Guard Cavalry Regiment Corporal, performing a sword salute. Parts are supplied on two styrene runners, and the firm’s approach has been to produce detailed areas as separate components, such as the crested helmet, which comprises seven items. Facial features, while plain, are well rendered. The base, with a choice of top plates, is common to other figures in this range, and makes a similarly impressive build.



Pilot F4U Corsair

By: PlusModel

Item no: AL3002 Price: €16.80


Cigar-chomping pilots were seen frequently during World War Two, and PusModel’s well-rendered figure depicts a US Navy aviator possibly celebrating an air-to-air victory with a post-flight smoke. It comprises two crisply cast resin parts, with the cigar-toting arm separate to the main body. The pose is nonchalant, with the right hand resting on the hip, and there’s a wry grin on the face. The figure is attired in standard US Navy/Marine Corps flight gear, including Mae West life preserver, although the head appears slightly under-sized.



Polish Tank


By: MiniArt

Item no:

35267 Price: £10.99


Modellers now have a complete set of figures for 1/35 Polish prewar tanks, thanks to MiniArt’s delightful four-runner package. All are clad in standard Polish Army coveralls, with three wearing helmets; the fourth has a beret. Design and moulding are superb throughout, with convincing detail on the overalls and each figure comprises at last nine parts, including separate arms, legs, heads, helmets and satchels. Sufficient figures are supplied for at least one vehicle, as most Polish light tanks had just two crew.



Old Reserve Infantryman

By: ToRo Model

Item no: 35F101 Price: €12


ToRo Model has released yet another splendid Polish Army figure, this time featuring a reservist infantryman. As ever, the sculpting and casting are first rate for each of the seven resin parts, which comprise a main body (with bed roll draped over the shoulders), separate head and helmet, plus rifle, water bottle, entrenching tool and rifle strap. The latter must be excised carefully from its casting block before being heated in warm water and then bent to shape. Given the light equipment load, this would be ideal for a street scene or marching alongside a support vehicle.