First and last MGRs for Locomotion 

First and last MGRs for Locomotion 


Locomotion Models has commissioned a pair of Cavalex Models’ all-new ‘OO’ gauge Merry-Go-Round (MGR) hoppers to represent the first and last examples built, now part of the National Collection.

British Rail introduced its MGR concept in the 1960s to improve the delivery of coal from pithead to power station on a continuous cycle utilising automatic loading and unloading facilities. More than 10,700 examples were built, with all but 162 constructed at BR's Shildon Works.


Locomotion Models’ exclusive ‘OO’ MGR hoppers will appear with BR Railfreight red cradles and TOPS codes as HAA 350000, the prototype MGR hopper built at Darlington Works in 1964 and the very last example, HDA 368459, built at Shildon Works two decades later.


Pre-production samples of the new MGRs have been received for assessment, with completed models expected later this year. The impressive specification includes a zinc alloy chassis, extensive detailing, sprung buffers and full depth hopper.

Priced at £65 per twin pack, pre-orders are being accepted now.

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