First and last ‘66s’ for Accurascale

Accurascale has added a further two ‘OO’ gauge Class 66 Co-Co diesels to its planned release schedule, with these latest announcements reflecting the first and last examples of the class.


Available as Accurascale Exclusives, the models will be finished as 66001 in its as-delivered 1998 condition in EWS maroon and gold, while GB Railfreight’s 66779 Evening Star will appear in its distinctive British Railways inspired colour scheme, complete with commemorative bells above the cab windows.


Incorporating the already-announced high specification from the upgraded former Hattons tooling for the ‘OO’ Class 66, these new additions will also display prototypical detail differences including 66001’s original position lashing eyes, horn grille style and maroon bodyside grilles, while Muncie-built 66779 will feature the accurate recess in the cab fronts, different vent arrangements and large sandboxes.


Exclusive to Accurascale’s website and priced at £169.99 for Digital Command Control (DCC) ready models and £259.99 DCC sound-fitted, release is currently expected during the first quarter of 2024.


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