First EP for Heljan's all-new 'OO' Class 47

First EP for Heljan's all-new 'OO' Class 47

Heljan Class 47

Above: Heljan has released images of the first engineering sample of its 'OO' gauge Class 47.

Heljan's development team has taken delivery of the first hand-assembled Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its newly tooled 'OO' gauge Class 47 Co-Co diesel.

This all new 'OO' gauge model will reflect the popular prototype's long-standing career and will incorporate detail differences across the sub-classes through the years such as roof, cab front, underframe and bufferbeam variations, while the impressive specification also includes all-wheel pick-up, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, LED lights, controllable lighting functions, sprung buffers, separately fitted metal handrails, lamp irons and more.

Heljan Class 47 cab front

Following assessment, several faults and areas for improvement have been identified on the hand-assembled sample and these will be addressed before the project progresses to the next stage.

Initial releases include D1526 in BR two-tone green with small yellow warning panels (Cat No. 4710), D1969 in BR two-tone green with full yellow ends (4711), 47137 in BR blue with glazed headcode panels (4712), 47316 in BR blue with plated headcode panels (4720), 47450 in BR large logo blue (4721), 47214 Tinsley Traction Depot in Railfreight grey (4722), 47125 Tonnidae in Railfreight Petroleum (4723), 47555 The Commonwealth Spirit in InterCity Executive (4724), 47329 in BR Departmental general grey (4725) and 47575 in Parcels Sector red and grey (4726).

Heljan Class 47 three-quarter view

In addition, Gaugemaster has commissioned a series of special limited edition 'OO' gauge Class 47s as 47815 Lost Boys 68-88 in Rail Operations Group livery (GM4240201), 47596 Aldeburgh Festival in revised Network SouthEast livery (GM4240202), 47501 Craftsman in Direct Rail Services colours (GM4240203), 47600 Dewi Sant/Saint David in Railfreight Distribution grey (GM4240204), 47492 The Enterprising Scot in InterCity ScotRail (GM4240205) and 47578 Respected in Rail Express Systems (RES) livery (GM4240206). Each of these special commissions will be available from Gaugemaster stockists.

Heljan Class 47 cab front 2

Prices are set at £219.95 for standard releases and £229.95 for the Gaugemaster limited editions. A delivery date has yet to be confirmed.

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