First Look: Dapol ‘N’ JHA hoppers

First Look: Dapol ‘N’ JHA hoppers


Dapol has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its newly-tooled ‘N’ gauge Orenstein & Koppel (O&K) 102ton JHA hopper wagons (HM173) for evaluation by the development team.

Introduced in the late 1980s, these distinctive hopper wagons were utilised on Foster Yeoman aggregates traffic originating from the Mendips and remain in traffic today.


As with the prototypes, Dapol’s all-new ‘N’ gauge models will appear in outer and inner wagon formats. Outer wagons retain conventional bufferbeam and drawgear at one end, while the inner wagons lack buffers and are fitted with inter-wagon couplings.

Each hopper wagon features a diecast metal chassis, separately fitted plastic and etched metal parts, profiled wheels, detailed hopper discharge chutes, NEM coupler pockets and a specially-designed NEM-compatible dummy buckeye coupling bar for close-coupling between wagons. Outer wagons feature standard Rapido couplings in coupler pockets at one end, together with buffers and removable (non-functioning) tail lamp.


Ten different wagons are planned initially – four outers and six inners – split between original and later Foster Yeoman colour schemes.

Priced at £39.95 each, release is scheduled during the second half of 2022.

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