Flangeway commissions 'O' gauge snowplough

Flangeway commissions
'O' gauge snowplough

Flangway Models has commissioned Dapol to produce a ready-to-run 'O' gauge model of the BR ZZA independent snowplough for release in 2021.

ZZA snowplough CAD render

The new development follows on from Flangeway's successful and re-run model of the ZZA for 'OO' gauge. The prototypes were introduced in the 1960s using modified tender frames from LNER steam locomotives. In total 40 were built for dealing with large snowdrifts and some are still in service with Network Rail today.

The 'O' gauge ZZA is being designed and manufactured by Dapol in the UK at its Chirk factory and the price is expected to be £95 per vehicle. Livery options will include Scottish Network Rail and 1965 versions.

ZZA snowplough CAD render

Flangeway's Richard Barnett said: "We are extremely proud that we are able to bring this product to market. It has been much requested for a while now and with the encouragement from our friends at Dapol, the opportunity arose to develop this new product. We are particularly proud that we are helping to develop UK skills and assist in re-growing the UK manufacturing industry."

CAD drawing work has been undertaken by Dapol's Apprentic CAD Engineer Ben Davies alongside his daily studies and this phase is now complete allowing tooling work to commence. Footplate has opened expressions of interest via its website.

ZZA snowplough CAD render

Visit www.footplate.co.uk for more information.