Flangeway shows 'Salmon' samples

Flangeway shows
'Salmon' samples

DECORATION samples of Flangeway Models new 'OO' gauge 'Salmon' bogie engineering flats have been received for inspection covering BR black, olive green and yellow colour schemes.  Delivery is expected in winter 2020 with prices set at £49.95 per wagon.


The wagons feature turned metal wheels, NEM coupling pockets with small tension lock couplings, underframe detail, a die-cast chassis and options for vacuum and air-brake wagons to suit different periods.

Three versions are being released in each colour scheme offering options for multiple wagons without number repetition. Bolsters come with all wagons and can be fitted after purchase if required.

BR black Salmon

Olive green Salmon

BR yellow Salmon

Visit www.footplate.co.uk for more information.