Flangeway Salmon Wagon Update

Flangeway 'Salmon' Wagon Update


Flangeway has advised that its recently-released ‘OO’ gauge BR ‘Salmon’ rail-carrying wagon is to undergo retooling.

Shortly after this all-new model went on sale (HM165), it was discovered that the ‘Salmon’ wagon was shorter than scale by 25mm due to errors that had not been identified during the development process .

Flangeway is working with its production partners to correct the issue and is also developing the more modern ASF bogies alongside, which will enable the company to offer the model in a wider selection of variants covering the 1950s to modern-era operations too. Customers who purchased examples of the original releases will be contacted with a solution in due course.

Details of these new variants are expected during the Summer. Pre-orders are expected to open later this year.

Visit www.footplate.co.uk for more details.