Full size military vehicles head for Model World LIVE

Two full size military vehicles are joining the line up for Model World LIVE giving visitors the chance to get up close to two superbly restored vehicles by Midland Military Vehicles.

Midland Military Vehicles FV107 Scimitar CVR(T).

The vehicles selected for display at the first Model World LIVE event at the NEC in Birmingham on April 27/28 2024 are an FV107 Scimitar Combat Vehicle (Tracked) (CVR(T)) with full bar armour and a BATUS FV434 Armoured Repair Vehicle (ARV). Both have been fully rebuilt by Midland Military Vehicles.

The FV107 Scimitar was used by the Brisith Army until April 2023 - the first was built in 1971. They were similar to the FV101 Scorpion, with the addition of a high-velocity 30mm L21 RARDEN cannon. More than 600 were built and they served across the world. Example are still in service with the Latvian National Armed Forces and in Ukraine. The Key Model World Shop has exclusive PJM Models 1:76 ('OO') and 1:43 ('O') scale kits of the Scorpion and Scimitar CVR(T)s.

Midland Military Vehicles BATUS FV434 ARV.

The BATUS FV434 is part of the FV430 series of tracked vehicles which were introduced in the 1960s. They are operated by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and are still in service today. The main purpose of the FV434 is repair of damaged vehicles in the field and they are equipped with a 3ton crane, a fold-away work bench at the rear and have a flotation screen to allow the vehicles to propel themselves through water. 

The two vehicles will be on display throughout the weekend at Model World LIVE 2024 offering military modellers the opportunity to see the details first hand. Read full details of Model World LIVE 2024 on our dedicated pages.

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