Gare de Brindille – French narrow gauge

The First World War is the setting for this compact ‘SM32’ French narrow gauge railway.

Gauge: ‘SM32’ | Period: 1914-1918 | Region: French narrow gauge | Operating team: Norfolk Model Railway Syndicate

Norfolk Model Railway Syndicate.

Gare de Brindille is a 16mm scale ‘SM32’ narrow gauge model railway presented by the Norfolk Model Railway Syndicate. It uses 32mm gauge track on which narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock run.

Gare de Brindille means Twig station in French and the layout was originally created by Chris Hopper. It represents a small ‘Inglenook’ shunting layout and models a First World War War Department light railway.

The track is from Peco’s range while the rolling stock is a mixture of kit built items and 3D printed vehicles. The locomotives are DCC controlled while the points are DC operated. We look forward to exhibiting Gare de Brindille which is a tribute to those who lost their lives in the First World War.