Genesis GWR Coaches Gain Colour

Genesis GWR Coaches Gain Colour

Hattons Model Railways has received decorated samples of its forthcoming Hattons Originals 'OO' gauge Genesis carriages in GWR chocolate and cream for evaluation.


Ten different vehicle types make up the planned GWR liveried batch which will include four-wheel Brake Thirds (Cat No. H4-4BT-101A/101B), Composite (H4-4C12-101), First (H4-4F-101) and Third (H4-4T-101A) examples, together with six-wheel Brake Third (H4-6BT-101A), Tri-Composite - First/Second/Third - (H4-6C123-101), Composite Lavatory (H4-6CL-101), Second (H4-6S-101), Third (H4-6T-101A)  and Full Brake (H4-6FB-101). In addition, a four vehicle GWR liveried pack (H4-46Pack-101) containing two four-wheel (Brake Third/ Third) and two six-wheel (Tri-Composite/Brake Third) coaches will also be available.



Further examples in a wide spectrum of colour schemes are also planned.


Prices are set at £30 each for standard vehicles and £36 for illuminated coaches. Four-coach packs are priced at £110 and £135 respectively. Delivery is anticipated during the third quarter of 2021.


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