WINGNUT WINGS’ hotly anticipated Sopwith Camel kits are now available.

Moulded in the New Zealand firm’s standard 1/32 scale, an impressive six different boxings have been released, with one of those being a double-kit package.

The full list is as follows: (32070) F.1 Camel BR.1, (32071) F.1 Camel ‘LeRhône’, (32072 F.1 Camel ‘USAS’, (32074) F.1 Camel ‘Clerget’, 32076 2F.1 Camel ‘Ship’s Camel’ and 32803 F.1 Camel & LVG C.VI ‘The Duellists’.

AMW has received two different samples, but as one might expect, the detail on every one is sublime via generic runners; all powerplants are reproduced accurately and with impressive detail, while there are also different propeller styles and engine cowlings to suit. The wellappointed cockpit benefits from crisp rendering of instruments and framing, plus there are photo-etched brass belts. The machine guns, too, are works of art…as are Wingnut’s trademark instructions as they offer splendid colour CAD-style drawings, photographs of the real aircraft and, thankfully, full rigging diagrams. If one has never taken the plunge with a Wingnut product before, this is arguably the kit to make one’s debut. Even the decals are produced thoughtfully, with splits along the roundels to tally with the hinge line of the control surfaces. There’s also a raft of fascinating and attractive colour schemes provided, with the highlights in AMW’s samples being a blue 78(HD) Squadron F.1 named ‘Suds’, and a 2F.1 Camel from HMS Furious, with criss-crossed white lines around the fuselage. For further details, visit: