Sci-fi modellers are in for a real treat with Greenstrawberry’s latest Fruitpack release, as it combines two separate sets to upgrade AMT’s Klingon B’Relclass Bird of Prey.

Greenstrawberry 1/350 B'rel-class

This resin and photo-etched (PE) brass ensemble (FP13) mixes the firm’s Radiator upgrade pack (10620) with the more general B’Rel-class accessories (10520).

The former comprises 12 finely cast resin components for the characteristic finned intermeshing structures on the upper hull at the wing hinge location plus PE ‘skins’ to add detail to the surrounding panels. The latter is more comprehensive, replacing several kit components with more refined and detailed items, including panels near the vessel’s ‘neck’, completely new wingtip weapons clusters, landing gear, access ramp and internal corridor.

Together, these will transform the model’s appearance, particularly if posed on the ground with all hatches opened.

At US$90.45, this isn’t a low-cost option, but is more than 20% cheaper than the separate sets and provides a stunning upgrade to a good, yet ageing kit. More details are at: