‘Grids’ and hoppers progress

‘Grids’ and hoppers progress


Cavalex Models has updated progress on its forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge locomotive and wagon projects through a series of 3D-printed, Engineering Prototype (EP) and decorated samples.

Development work on the eagerly-awaited all-new ‘OO’ gauge BR Class 56 Co-Co diesel continues apace with 3D-printed samples arriving for evaluation in early October, showcasing the level of detail that is being incorporated into the four main designs that made up the 135 strong class.


No less than 14 models are planned for the initial batch ranging from classic BR blue to present-day Colas Rail Freight and DC Rail Freight colour schemes. The specification includes a heavy alloy chassis, five-pole motor, twin flywheels, all-wheel pick-up, 21-pin DCC decoder socket, separately controlled roof fans, etched metal grilles and a wealth of separately fitted detailing.



Allied to this release, the manufacturer has also received decorated samples of the newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge HAA and HFA Merry-Go-Round (MGR) hopper wagons it is producing in triple-wagon packs for KMS Railtec and Trains4U. A twin-wagon pack featuring the first and last built MGRs is also being produced for Locomotion Models. Liveries will include MGR hoppers with cradles in original brown, Railfreight red, Trainload Coal yellow, Scottish blue and EWS maroon. CDA china clay wagons in ECC blue and DB Cargo red are also planned.


Finally, Cavalex Models has received the first ‘OO’ gauge EP samples of the all-new PHA/JGA bogie hopper wagons for evaluation by the development team.


These distinctive hopper wagons were built by WH Davis of Shirebrook for Bardon Hill Quarries in 1990. Liveries planned include original Bardon green and yellow and the modern-day updated Aggregates Industries blue and white colour scheme, as well as unbranded versions too. The wagons will be available singly and in triple-wagon packs, each with different running numbers.


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