Halland - a OO gauge Northern England branchline

Gauge: 'OO' | Period: 1950s-1960s | Region: Midland | Operating team: John Gay and friends

Halland OO gauge model railway layout.

Halland is 4mm 'OO' gauge layout with a footprint of 13ft or 17ft x 1ft 6in (16ft/20ft x 6ft to allow operation space) with 8ft/12ft being used by scenery and the remaining 5ft used as a fiddle yard, the layout is currently operated from both the front and back. The layout is freestanding on its own legs, the layout comes with its own lighting which is a very light weight design and uses 24volt SMD light strip which is proving to be very popular with public and exhibitors that see it.

The layout is controlled with full DCC via iPods and iPads with turnouts and signals all working from them. All the locomotives used on the layout run DCC sound, we normally present 1960 late steam and early diesel period but, the layout is set in the Northern regions, it’s a classic example of main stream modelling using trackwork from Peco range.

Halland featured in HM188 - February 2023. Read the full feature here.

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