UPDATED: More colour for Genesis coaches

UPDATED: More colour for Genesis coaches

Hattons has received further decorated samples of its forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge Genesis four and six-wheel carriages for assessment.

Hattons' newly-tooled Genesis four-wheel Brake Third in SR olive green

These latest arrivals include London Brighton & South Coast Railway (LBSCR), South Eastern & Chatham Railway (SECR) and Southern Railway (SR) liveried examples, finished in LBSCR mahogany, SECR red and SR olive green, respectively.

Hattons' all-new four-wheel First carriage in LBSCR mahogany

LBSCR liveried models planned include four-wheel Brake Thirds 260/150 (Cat Nos. H4-4BT-1601A/B), Composite 233 (H4-4C13-1601), First 499 (H4-4F-1601) and Thirds 520/347 (H4-4T-1601A/B), together with six-wheel Brake Thirds 185/156 (H4-6BT-1601A/B), Composite with lavatory 271 (H4-6CL-1601), First 572 (H4-6F-1601), Thirds 504/501 (H4-6T-1601A/B) and Full Brake 496 (H4-6FB-1601).

SECR red liveried four-wheel Third coach for 'OO'

SECR models will be offered as four-wheel Brake Thirds 3069/3058 (H4-4BT-401A/B), Composite 2062 (H4-4C12-401), First 1041 (H4-4F-401) and Thirds 3361/3262 (H4-4T-401A/B), along with six-wheel Brake Thirds 6525/6536 (H4-6BT-401A/B), First 1015 (H4-6F-401), Thirds 2956/2960 (H4-6T-401A/B) and Full Brake 9016 (H4-6FB-401).

Hattons' four-wheel Composite in SR olive green

Meanwhile, the SR liveried coaches will be available as four-wheel Brake Thirds 3654/3594 (H4-4BT-701A/B), Composite 5750 (H4-4C13-701) and Thirds 1501/1707 (H4-4T-701A/B), plus six-wheel Brake Thirds 3602/3615 (H4-6BT-701A/B), Composite with lavatory 5790 (H4-6CL-701), Thirds 1524/1770 (H4-6T-701A/B) and Full Brake 232 (H4-6FB-701).

Hattons' six-wheel Genesis Composite with lavatory in LBSCR mahogany
Hattons' six-wheel all-third carriage in lined SR olive green

In addition, the remaining decorated samples for this first batch have also been received including Great Northern Railway (GNR) lined teak, London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) crimson lake, London North Western Railway (LNWR) livery, London, North Eastern Railway (LNER) pre-war brown and departmental colour schemes.

Hattons' new 'OO' gauge Genesis carriages in lined GNR teak
Pre-war brown adorns Hattons' new LNER Genesis coaches for 'OO'

As well as being offered singly, four-vehicle packs (apart from departmental colour schemes) will also be available. All coaches are being produced in standard (unlit) and illuminated forms.

Hattons' all-new Genesis coaches will also be available in ornate lined LNWR livery 
Hattons' first batch of Genesis coaches for 'OO' will also appear in LMS crimson lake

Following approval, the first batch of carriages is due to be released in the third quarter of the year. Prices are set at £30 for standard carriages and £36 for illuminated carriages, while the four-car packs are priced at £110 for standard examples and £135 for illuminated vehicles.

A small selection of departmental colour schemes will also be offered
Hattons' SECR 'P' Class 0-6-0T with all-new 'OO' gauge Genesis coaches in SECR red

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