Heljan 48DS decorated samples

Heljan has received factory decorated samples of its forthcoming Ruston and Hornsby 48DS for ‘O’ gauge.

Heljan is now assessing the samples for any areas of improvement before final adjustments are made. The manufacturer anticipates the models to go into full production soon.

The models are set to feature illuminated headlamps, factory-fitted speaker, Next18 Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, full cab interior detail, open or closed cab, standard or deep bufferbeams and optional lifting rings.

Heljan’s all-new ‘O’ gauge model is set to appear in Ruston and Hornsby factory lined green with open cab (Cat No: 9030), Yellow with wasp stripes and open cab (9032), British Railways Southern Region green with open cab (9035), Express Dairy blue with open cab (9038) and as-preserved Sir William McAlpine in dark green (9037).

Prices are set at £199 for DCC ready models, with an expected delivery date of quarter 3 2024.

◘ Visit www.heljan.co.uk for more information.