Heljan adds more 86s


Heljan has confirmed details of  a new batch of its popular ‘OO’ gauge Class 86 electrics.

Five new models will be produced in the next production run including two Class 86/4 and three ‘AL6’/Class 86/0 electrics. 

Two Class 86/4s are set to appear including the previously announced 86401 in Network SouthEast colours (Cat No. 8660) as an exclusive Gaugemaster Collection model, together with 86417 The Kingsman in InterCity Mainline livery (8661).


The three new Class 86/0s will be finished as E3163 in as-built condition in BR blue with red bufferbeam (8657), E3101 in BR blue with small yellow panels and red bufferbeam (8658) and 86011 in BR blue with orange cantrail warning stripe (8659). All three will feature Faiveley pantographs.

Prices are set at £234.95, with delivery currently slated for 2023.

Visit Heljan for more information.