Heljan Autumn Update

Heljan Autumn Update


Heljan has confirmed that its forthcoming newly-tooled ‘O’ gauge BR Class 56 Co-Co diesel is amongst a selection of new models due to arrive with stockists late this year/early 2022.

Ten standard releases plus a limited edition model are expected in the first batch with a selection of unnumbered locomotives including BR blue, BR large logo blue, Railfreight grey, Loadhaul and more. In addition there are numbered examples in Railfreight sector liveries and BR blue engines.

Further batches of Heljan’s popular Class 50s and Class 37/4s are now due in 2022, arriving in January and March respectively.


The company’s ‘OO’ gauge release schedule continues with a list of new releases expected in early 2022 including the newly-tooled Class 86/4 electrics and another batch of Class 07 diesel shunters during January, together with the second batch of Class 25s in February.

Heljan’s newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge Class 45 1Co-Co1 diesels are now expected during the second quarter of 2022, while the all-new ‘OO’ Class 47 is anticipated for release in mid-2022. New versions of the Gresley ‘O2’ 2-8-0s are now planned to arrive during June 2022, followed by a new batch of Waggon und Maschinenbau (W&M) railbuses the following month.


Heljan’s ‘O' gauge Class 117, 121 and 122 Diesel Multiple Units and railcars are expected in mid-2022, while the ‘O’ gauge BR Mk 2 carriages are anticipated in the third quarter of the year.

Finally, Heljan's new 2022 catalogue is due to be launched in early December with a selection of new ‘OO’ and ‘O’ gauge releases planned for the new year.

Visit www.heljan.co.uk for more details.