Heljan centre headcode 'O' gauge Class 40


AT THE FIRST Modern Image O Gauge (MIOG) show Heljan revealed that it is working on a centre headcode version of the popular Class 40 1-Co-Co-1 for ‘O’ gauge.

From 1961 the final 54 Class 40s were built from new with centre headcodes following the abandonment of headcode discs and gangways on diesel locomotives. All were equipped with the same English Electric 2,000hp 16SVT engine which gave them a maximum speed of 90mph.

The new Heljan ‘O’ gauge model will use the same chassis design as the original disc headcode version, first released in 2014 (HM90), but with a brand new body tooling. The specification includes twin motors, directional lighting, drive to both bogies, an updated Printed Circuit Board and a heavy die-cast chassis.

Liveries selected for the centre headcode Class 40 will cover BR green (Cat No. 4060), BR green with small yellow warning panels (4061), BR green with full yellow ends (4062), BR blue with full yellow ends and four-digit headcode (4063) and numbered as 40155 in BR blue with full yellow ends and domino headcodes (4064). Prices were to be confirmed as Hornby Magazine closed for press while release is anticipated in 2021.

Visit the www.heljan.co.uk page for more information.