Heljan completes ‘O’ gauge Class 26 artwork

Heljan completes ‘O’ gauge Class 26 artwork


Heljan has completed artwork for its forthcoming new ‘O’ gauge Class 26/1 Bo-Bo diesels.


Nine new ‘O’ gauge models are planned (see table below) covering a varied selection of liveries applied between the 1960s and 1990s. These all-new Class 26/1s will feature DCC plug and play capability, selectable lighting functions for engine room illumination, cab, head and tail lights, (microswitches for DC users) and more.


Heljan's comprehensive tooling suite will also not only include the likes of sprung buffers, separately applied windscreen wipers, etched metal grilles and wire handrails, but era-specific detailing too, such as radio pods, original or plated cab doors, tablet catchers (where appropriate), etched brass horn covers, a full set of headcode discs, a removable engine room window each side (as per prototypes) and much more. Further variations include tablet catcher recesses for early-era engines, 'twin-headlight' options for 1970s/1980 Inverness based locomotives and air tank cradles in place of the boiler water tanks on later air braked examples.


Prices are set at £599 each for DCC ready models, with delivery currently slated for the first quarter of 2021.


Visit www.heljan.co.uk for more details.



Cat No. Running No. Description

2675 Unnumbered BR green

2676 Unnumbered BR green with small yellow panels

2677 Unnumbered BR blue (early)

2678 Unnumbered BR blue with twin headlights

2679 26037 BR blue (weathered)

2680 Unnumbered BR blue (air tanks)

2681 Unnumbered BR Railfreight ‘red stripe’

2682 Unnumbered BR ‘Dutch’ grey and yellow

2683 26025 BR Railfreight ‘red stripe’