‘O’ gauge ‘Deltics’ due soon

Production of Heljan’s new batch of ‘O’ gauge Class 55 ‘Deltic’ Co-Co diesels is nearing completion, with the manufacturer sharing images of the forthcoming models in early October.


Ten different 'O' gauge models are planned for this next batch of releases which also incorporate a series of refinements over previously released models with an improved reshaped body, upgraded chassis, new detailing inside and out, together with switchable lighting. Models will be offered with either cast or fabricated bogies (according to prototype) and also feature detailed grilles and fuel tanks.


The specification also incorporates a heavy duty twin motor, flywheel drive, XL Digital Command Control (DCC) ‘plug-and-play’ interface, space for two large speakers and also room for a pair of ESU smoke units (not supplied).


Seven named Heljan BR Class 55s and three unnumbered models will appear in this batch of releases including 55007 Pinza in BR blue (Cat No. 5520), 55015 Tulyar in BR blue with white cab surrounds (5522), 55002 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in BR green with full yellow ends (5524), 55022/D9000 Royal Scots Grey in BR railtour blue (5525), 55011 The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers in weathered BR blue (5526), D9000 Royal Scots Grey with high intensity headlight in preserved BR green with small yellow panels (5530) and 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier with high intensity headlight in BR blue (5531). Unnumbered examples will be available in original form in BR blue (5521) and BR blue with white cab surrounds (5523), together with a high-intensity headlight fitted BR blue example with white cab surrounds (5532).


Priced at £729 for pristine models and £749 for the weathered example, release is expected later this year during November/December.


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