Heljan 'O' Gauge Mk 2 samples surface

Heljan 'O' Gauge BR Mk 2 samples surface


Heljan has taken delivery of the first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its forthcoming 'O' gauge BR Mk 2/Mk 2a carriages for assessment.

Four BR vehicle types are planned covering Brake Corridor First (BFK), Corridor First (FK), Brake Open Second (BSO) and Tourist Open Second (TSO) coaches, in both vacuum-braked (Mk 2) and air-braked (Mk 2a) variants.


While the initial EP sample images show several components missing, each will feature separately fitted handrails, grab handles, a removable roof, drophead buckeye couplings, intricate underframe detailing, B4 bogies, detailed interiors with representation of seat headrests, tables, luggage racks and even a fully appointed guard's compartment in the BSO/BSKs.


Additional end gangway and underframe parts for creating either Mk 2 or Mk 2a variants will also be included for customer fitment, while a simple-to-install motion-activated interior light bar will be available separately, too.


Each vehicle type will be offered in BR blue and grey, Network SouthEast light blue and Network SouthEast dark blue, while selected vehicles will also be available in TransPennine (FK/TSO), Regional Railways (TSO/BFK), ScotRail (FK/TSO), 'Hebridean' green and cream (TSO/BSO), BR green (FK), Direct Rail Services blue (BSO), InterCity Executive (BFK), West Coast Railways maroon (TSO), Network Rail yellow (BFK) and Railway Technical Centre (RTC) red and blue (FK).


Several areas have been noted for correction and modification before the models progress to the next stage of the production process, while prices are set at £279 each, with delivery anticipated in late 2021/early 2022.


Visit www.facebook.com.heljanas for more details.