Heljan ‘OO’ developments


Heljan has updated progress on some of its in-development ‘OO’ gauge model projects with Engineering Prototype (EP) samples currently under evaluation.

Leading the charge is the North British (NBL) Pioneer diesel-electric 10800 project, launched earlier this year at the Model Rail Scotland exhibition in Glasgow.


Four versions of 10800 are planned to reflect its operation including BR black and silver with early crests, as it appeared on Southern and Midland Region metals, in pristine (Cat No. 1080) and weathered finishes (1081), BR black and silver with early crests in final BR condition (1082) and BR green with late crests (1083).




The specification includes a five-pole motor, all-wheel drive and pick-up, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, fine metal detailing, working marker lights, cab illumination and sprung buffers.


Priced at £234.95, a release date has yet to be confirmed.


Heljan’s re-tooled ‘OO’ gauge Class 26/1 Bo-Bo diesel has also been received for approval, with the first batch of models set to include the twin cab front headlights fitted to locomotives operating on Scotland’s ‘Far North’ lines from Inverness.

Again, this model was launched at Model Rail Scotland earlier this year and will feature independently controlled (switchable) head, tail and cab lights , together with engine cubicle illumination, 21-pin DCC decoder socket and etched metal detailing including roof fan grille and cab step treads. The DCC decoder socket will be easily accessible through a removable hatch in the roof held in place by magnets.


Two ‘Far North’ ‘OO’ gauge examples are planned initially as 26039 in BR blue with twin headlights (2625) and 26032 in BR blue with Highland stag motifs (2626). These models also feature the early style of circular communication roof pods.

Further Class 26/1s are expected to added to the schedule in due course, while an upgraded Class 26/0 is also anticipated.


Priced at £199.95 each, release is expected during the second quarter of 2023.


Finally, EP samples of Heljan’s eagerly awaited ‘OO’ gauge Class 104 Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) have arrived for assessment by the development team.

Nine of the distinctive Class 104 DMUs are planned initially in BR green, BR green with ‘speed whiskers’, BR green with small yellow warning panels, BR blue, BR blue and grey, BR Network SouthEast and BR ScotRail ‘Mexican Bean’ red and white. Options include three-car and two-car sets, with power-trailer and power-twin variants.


Each DMU will feature low-profile centrally-mounted motor, all-wheel drive (powered car), 21-pin DCC decoder socket, newly-developed inter-vehicle electrical connectors, switchable interior illumination and directional lighting.

Prices are set at £349 for two-car sets and £449 for three-car units. Release is expected in 2023.


As with all EP samples, any further modifications necessary will be made before progressing to the next development stage.

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