Heljan plans new GUVs for ‘O’

A new batch of ready-to-run Mk 1 General Utility Vans (GUVs) has been announced by Heljan for ‘O’ gauge as part of its relaunch of the Mk 1 carriage range.

This will be the second production run of these all-purpose parcels vans and this new batch will feature new liveries and weathered finishes. Each vehicle will have working screwlink couplings as standard.

Planned for release are versions in BR maroon (Cat No. 4991), BR maroon with a weathered finish (4991A), BR blue (4992), weathered BR blue (4992A), BR blue with Express Parcels branding (4993), BR blue and grey with Motorail branding (4995), InterCity livery with Motorail branding (4996) and Network SouthEast colours (4997).

Prices are set at £199 for pristine examples and £215 for weathered versions. A release date is to be confirmed.