Heljan receives 86/4 deco sample

Heljan receives 86/4 deco sample



Heljan has received the first decorated sample of its newly-tooled ‘OO' gauge Class 86/4 electrics for assessment, with the arrival of 86416 in Rail Express Systems (RES) livery.

Following the recently-released ‘OO’ gauge Class 86/0, Heljan’s all-new Class 86/4 and 86/6 electrics will also benefit from a heavy chassis, five-pole motor, all-wheel drive, 21-pin Digital Command Control decoder socket, directional lighting, cab illumination and a raft of sub-class specific detailing including flexicoil suspension, authentic cab front arrangements and a choice of Faiveley or Brecknell-Willis pantographs (according to prototype).


Seven standard models will form this next batch of the overhead electric locomotives finished as 86404 in InterCity 'Executive' livery (Cat No. 8640), 86634 in Railfreight Distribution grey (8641), 86416 in RES red and grey (8642), 86426/E3195 in ‘retro’ BR blue (8643), 86622 in Railfreight Distribution European grey (8644), 86401 Mons Meg in Caledonian Sleeper livery (8645) and 86609 in Freightliner green and yellow (8646). In addition, two further models are being produced exclusively for the Gaugemaster Collection as 86637 and 86622 in Freightliner Powerhaul colours (8647/8648 respectively).

Prices and a delivery date have yet to be confirmed.

Visit www.heljan.co.uk for more information.