Heljan reveals revised 7mm 'Peak' and all-new SR CCT/PMV

Heljan has revealed a series of new ‘O’ gauge models ahead of this weekend’s (September 3/4) Guildex 2022 ‘O’ gauge model railway exhibition in Stafford.


Headlining the ‘O’ gauge plans are revised and updated Class 45 1Co-Co1 diesels, newly-tooled Southern Railway (SR) Parcels and Miscellaneous Vans (PMVs)/Covered Carriage Trucks (CCTs) and a re-run of the manufacturer’s popular Class 52 ‘Western’ diesel hydraulics.


The fully revised ‘O’ gauge Class 45s will appear as steam heat Class 45/0s and Electric Train Heat (ETH) Class 45/1s, with a High-Intensity headlight option for the latter models.

These updated models will feature sealed beam noses, twin motors, flywheels, plug-and-play XL decoder Digital Command Control (DCC) interface and improved lighting.


Eight models are planned with a selection of fully finished and unnumbered examples in BR blue, together with a model of 45106 in its unique BR railtour green livery with High-Intensity headlights (see Table 1).

Priced at £629 for pristine models and £649 for weathered examples, release is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.


Heljan has also revealed that it is developing a newly-tooled ‘O’ gauge model of the SR PMV and CCT.

The first examples of these long-lived vehicles were built in 1919 by the South Eastern and Chatham Railway, with construction continuing in batches into the early 1950s. Variations to the bodywork and doors included even-planked, uneven-planked and plywood panel examples. They proved to be versatile vehicles that enjoyed a wide sphere of operation across the rail network.

Heljan’s all-new ‘O’ gauge models will be produced in PMV and CCT form, with six of each version produced finished in accurate colour schemes including Southern Railway Green, BR crimson, BR (SR) green and BR blue, plus a BR Gulf red PMV and BR departmental olive green CCT (see Table 2 for details).

Currently at the CAD stage of development, the first engineering samples are expected early next year.

Priced at £249 for pristine models and £269 for weathered editions, release is currently anticipated for late 2023.


Finally, Heljan has confirmed that it is to produce another batch of its 'O' gauge Class 52 'Western' Co-Co diesel hydraulics.


Six new models are planned including an unnumbered example in BR blue with full yellow ends (Cat No. 5291), together with D1001 Western Pathfinder in BR maroon with yellow bufferbeams (5292), D1038 Western Sovereign in BR green with small yellow warning panels (5293), D1031 Western Rifleman in weathered BR blue with full yellow ends (5294), D1015 Western Champion in BR golden ochre with small yellow warning panels (5295) and D1000 Western Enterprise in BR desert sand with small yellow warning panels (5296).


Priced at £619 for pristine models and £639 for factory-weathered examples, release is anticipated in early 2023.


Visit Heljan for more information.

Class 45/0, unnumbered, BR blue 4520
Class 45/0 45004 Royal Irish Fusilier, BR blue 4521
Class 45/0 45033 Sirius, BR blue (weathered) 4522
Class 45/1, unnumbered, BR blue 4525
Class 45/1 45144 Royal Signals, BR blue 4526
Class 45/1, unnumbered, with HI headlight, BR blue 4527
Class 45/1 45110 Medusa with HI headlight, BR blue (weathered) 4528
Class 45/1 45106 with HI headlight, BR railtour green  4529
PMV 1171, Southern Railway green (even planks) 9150
PMV unnumbered, BR crimson (uneven planks) 9151
PMV S1626S, BR (SR) green (plywood body) 9152
PMV S1574, BR blue (plywood body) 9153
PMV S1865, weathered BR blue (uneven planks) 9154
PMV ADS4, BR gulf red (even planks) 9155
CCT 2372, Southern Railway green (even planks) 9170
CCT S1765S, weathered BR crimson (even planks) 9171
CCT unnumbered, BR (SR) green (even planks) 9172
NOV (CCT) S2017, BR blue (plywood body) 9173
CCT ADB975276, BR departmental olive green (uneven planks) 9174
CCT S1733, BR blue (uneven planks) 9175