Heljan revises ‘O’ gauge split-headcode Class 37/0

Heljan revises ‘O’ gauge
split-headcode Class 37/0

A new selection of Heljan’s popular ‘O’ gauge split-headcode Class 37/0s are on the way, with five new liveries set to be released, two of which have not been offered previously.

O gauge plain green Class 37/0

Heljan has also taken the opportunity to upgrade these models with LED lighting, DCC-friendly chassis and improved underframe tanks. Currently at the decorated sample stage, four of the five planned ‘O’ gauge examples will be supplied unnumbered in BR plain green (Cat No. 3702), BR green with small yellow panels (3700), BR green with full yellow ends (3704) and BR blue (3701), while a fully decorated and weathered example will also be available as Tinsley depot’s 37116 Comet in BR large logo blue (3703).

BR green with small panels Class 37/0

BR blue Class 37/0

Priced at £599 each, they will be available in limited numbers later this summer.

Visit www.facebook.com/heljanas for more information.

O gauge Class 37/0s