Lyn at livery stage

Lyn at livery stage

Heljan’s forthcoming ‘OO9’ Lynton and Barnstaple Railway (L&BR) Baldwin 2-4-2T Lyn has reached the decoration stage of the process, with the manufacturer taking delivery of the latest samples for evaluation during May.

Five decorated models of Lyn are planned in pre-1906 L&BR dark green (Cat No. 9981), post 1906 L&BR dark green (9982), SR (ex L&BR) dark green (9983), pre-1932 SR Maunsell green ( 9984) and post 1932 SR Maunsell green (9985). A sixth plain undecorated example (9980) will also be available for those wishing to customise their model.

Each will feature etched metal cowcatchers, LED headlamp, detachable couplings, six-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket and period specific detailing such as smokebox doors, water tank filler hatches, whistles, chimneys and more.

Prices are set at £239.95 each with delivery expected later this year.

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