Heljan shows latest Class 37/4s for 'O'

Heljan shows latest
Class 37/4s for 'O'

Heljan has released images of its latest batch of Class 37/4 decorated samples for 'O' gauge while Revolution Trains has also shown the livery sample for its DRS limited edition produced by the Danish manufacturer.

Heljan Class 37/4

Above: Colas liveried Class 37/4 37421.

The new batch follows the popularity of its first batch of Class 37/4s which were released in 2019 and won the 'Best 'O' gauge Locomotive' category in the 2019 Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards.

The new batch uses the same tooling as the first and includes a rerun of the sell-out BR 'large logo' blue (Cat No. 3741) and BR triple grey colour (3745) schemes as well as three new liveries on the model. New for this batch are unbranded DRS blue (3747), 37421 in Colas Rail Freight yellow, orange and black (3748) and Royal Scotsman maroon (3749).

Heljan Class 37/4

Above: Heljan unbranded DRS blue Class 37/4.

Heljan Class 37/4

Above: Heljan Royal Scotsman liveried Class 37/4.

Limited editions have also been commissioned by Tower Models and Revolution Trains. Tower Models is offering a triple grey version with Transrail logos (limited to 75 pieces) while Revolution Trains is offering 37405 in Direct Rail Services Compass livery.

Revolution Heljan Class 37

Above: Revolution Trains limited edition of 37405 in DRS Compass livery.

Prices are set at £599 per locomotive with release anticipated later this year.

Visit www.tower-models.com or www.revolutiontrains.com for limited edition information and Heljan stockists to order standard models listed above.